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The McCullough Junior High Highland Girls...linked in history!


In 1976, Kathy Harlan came to, what was then, McCullough High School.  She brought with her a unique form of dance based off her background in gymnastics and synchronized swimming.  Her style of dance made the McCullough High School Highsteppers unique, "kicking" off a 40 year tradition.  In 1996, the doors opened at The Woodlands High School, which is the home of the Highsteppers today. 


In 2000, Branch Crossing Jr. High opened (currently TWHS ninth grade campus), thus "kicking" off the tradition of the Highland Girls.  The Highland Girls are an award-winning, precision style dance team following the style of dance and traditions of the Hightsteppers.  Even though the team models after the Highsteppers, new traditions have developed.  The very first Highland Girl warm up dance from 2000 is still being used today and to the same song, "Scatman"!




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