Highland Girls Parent Club


The Highland Girls Parent Club is a non-profit 5-1(c)(3) organization staffed entirely by parent volunteers.  The club works directly collaboratively with the Director of the Highland Girls and McCullough to provide logistical and financial support for the team.


The purpose of Highland Girl Parent Club is to:

A)  Act as a support group for the team and the director throughout the year.

B)  To conduct meetings to foster communication between the director and the parents.

C)  To plan and organize upcoming events after receiving the director's approval. 


The following volunteers serve as members of the Executive Board and Committee Chairs for the 2020-2021 school year.



Executive Board

President:  Susan Spackey

VP Uniforms:  Ashley Frey & Holly Montgomery

Executive VP's: Kelly Lunn & Aletha Pinsoneault

Treasurer: Cate Funkhouser

Secretary:  Amy Trahan

Historian:  Rebecca Cappello

Technology Officer:  Helen (Yu) Zhao

 Committee Chairs

Locker Decorations:  Coral Sanchez

Big Sis/Lil Sis:  Heather Sanford

Summer Social:  Dee Howell

Game Day Meals:  Karen Stinson

Game Day Treats:  Dee Howell

Valentine's Party:  Sarah Nanick (LaTour)

Halloween Party:  Coral Sanchez

Tailgate Party:  Bonnie Sims

Holiday Party: Liz Tomes

End of Year Banquet: Sarah Nanick (LaTour)

End of Year Picnic:  Karen Stinson

Sewing:  Rebecca Cappello

McCullough Junior High Highland Girls

Director - Sammie Gilmore


Assistant Director - Rachel Purgason


3800 S. Panther Creek Dr.

The Woodlands, TX 77381